Established in 2014, Ground Zero has been formed to reach the masses of young men that need help in self esteem, self direction, and a better understanding of life expectancies.  The founder, Lessie Smith, Jr. wants to change the lives of so many young men that he has seen personally through the correctional system or know through statistics that have traveled the wrong roads of life. Our ultimate goal is to isolate these young men for a period of time so they can focus on themselves, and be informed of life 's opportunities facilitated in a residential setting.  We will change the future image of these young men; one individual, one group, and one community at a time.  It is called being a part of the solution.

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"Youth Conference 2019

Saturday, April 6, 2019

This year Ground Zero Development will host its 4th anual youth conference.  Our guest speaker will be Chesapeake Police Chief Kelvin Wright.  Each year the workshops get  better and better as we try to provide subjects that are interesting and beneficial to the students.  This is a learning moment for our youth that helps them in the present and in the future.  Somethings have to be taught outside of the classroom like life skills, to include social skills; accountability, dependability; job readiness; professionalism; college preparation and etc. 

Don't let your teen miss out on the exposure and the opportunity to gain an edge by not being present.  Parents we even will have workshops for you to attend.  So make it a point to register early online before all seats are taken.‚Äč

Come and join the fun and make some new friends!

All proceeds will benefit Ground Zero Development male mentoring program.  We are a 501c3 non-profit program.