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Turning young men into well developed men

Quality training that will change young men's positive outlook on life is priceless.. 

Is there a need?

Ground Zero Development

What we are offering is unique, as it is personal to fit the needs of an individual but provided in a group setting where young men can feed off the energy of their peers.  Our goal is to see each man grow.  These young men will reach their expectations and beyond.

Is it personal?

Building a foundation

Enhancing the future


There are so many teenagers and young men that have taken or are headed down the road to nowhere.  There is a need to help as many young men as possible to focus and have some sense of direction in their lives.

Is it expensive?

Young Males Development Residency


Learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the classroom. There is more to life than that which is taught in the classroom and we want to be the force that teaches young men how to be men.  Ground Zero Development will provide an outreach developmental program for young men from the ages of 12 to 25. 


This program serves as a non-profit organization that provides young men with skill sets that will make them productive, respectable, and family oriented individuals. We will bring out the best of those attending the program as we provide services such as job placement, life skill training, career and behavioral counseling, leadership, discipline, family and financial planning, and the list goes on.  Our program will require participants to be residents of Ground Zero Development for a predetermined period of time.